“During this session we look into some of your believes that are holding you back, we take a close look at your inner voice, we help you find the Hero inside so you can take back the power you conscious or unconsciously gave to others”.

Event Name: Be Your Own Hero

Date & Time:

November 12th:
Empowerment 17:00 – 20:30 / Networking 20:30-22:00

Duration: The course duration is 4 hours and  starts exact on the given time. 

The entry time is half an hour before the start time, make sure you are on time.

Registration Fee: SRD 150,- (Only 40 seat available per day! Online registration is required)

The payment must be made in cash WITHIN 48 hours after online registration.  For payment call (+597 892-4190).

Location: Courtyard Marriott Paramaribo  Anton Dragtenweg 52-54

Partner: Courtyard Marriott Paramaribo

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